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What is Zikkio

Zikkio is a DropShipping Marketplace where you can find millions of products from hundreds of the most famous brands at the best B2B price. With Zikkio you can start selling products on your e-commerce store with just one click and without any stock.


Zikkio DropShipping technology support 90% of e-commerce platforms and you can import products catalogs with just a click, no coding skills or strange modules are required.

Shipping & Orders

Once you have sold a product on your store, Zikkio immediately sends the order at the supplier that will ship it to your customer using your name.


The difference between the product cost and the selling price is your profit and it is immediately sent to your bank or paypal account.


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Import full catalogs with a click

Import full catalogs with a click

With Zikkio you can choose the products you prefer to sell, even if they are sold by different suppliers and import in your e-commerce stores with a single click. Our API made the magics.

Import full catalogs with a click

Inventory and price auto-updates

Every product you import is constantly auto-updated to avoid stock or pricing problems. Don’t worry about prices and take it easy, everything will be automatic.

Import full catalogs with a click

Easily orders management

Never leave back an order again, with Zikkio everything is costantly mantained in sync. Every orders have is own shipping tracking number so you and your customer can see exactly where is it.

Import full catalogs with a click

Photos that help you sell

Our catalog is strictly managed by our store managers. Every photo must have a high quality standard. This approach will improve your sales and reduce refund requests for mismatched products.




Perfect to start

  • One category
  • 100 Products
  • Unlimited Photos
  • 3% Order Fee
  • 32 Carts Supported
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Perfect for startups

  • One category
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Photos
  • 3% Order Fee
  • 32 Carts Supported
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For estabilished business

  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Photos
  • 1.5% Order Fee
  • 32 Carts Supported
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<< I was looking for an easy way to start selling new products on my e-commerce and with Zikkio I can do it with a click. >>

Maria Luisa De Cecco - FoodShop

<< I started with 200 products and now i'm selling more than 5000 different products in several categories. This helped me to achieve my revenues target. >>

Mark Bishop - Coffee Shop

<< With Zikkio i finally found a valuable way to obtain more from my e-commerce and satisfy my customers. >>

Alessandro De Santis

<< Was so difficult for me to integrate several supplier into my e-commerce system, with Zikkio i can do it when i want with a simple click >>

Anne Strom - FoodShop