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Our goal is to let you use Zikkio for free as long as you are implementing or testing your app then you can contact us to discuss the best price for you.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Zikkio provides the technology that enables apps and services to let their users connect their e-commerce or accounting platforms with ease. Before Zikkio, an app or online service developer had to implement a dedicated part of code, for each platform, to let his uers connect their store or accounting service. This meant reading, studing and implementing dozen of different APIs, with different requests and different responses. It was an hard work.

With Zikkio, an app/service developer can reach the same goal just placing a couple of lines of code in his app/service, letting Zikkio handle this tough part.

Zikkio provides the technology that lets merchants securely connect their stores or accounting platforms with the apps and services they choose to use.

For example, if you run a B2B marketplace you could ask to your merchant to upload his products catalog. This is where Zikkio comes in. Instead of asking him to upload the catalog using old and error prone method like CSV/XML feed upload, you could let him connect his store with just a couple of clicks and from that moment you can read his catalog using Zikkio APIs.

Zikkio built and maintains secure connections to more than 80,000 merchants around the globe.

This may all sound simple, but keeping up connections with over 15 e-commerce platforms and 5 accounting services is anything but. Our entire company is dedicated to building and maintaining our APIs always up to date for you with the goal of giving you a better way to connect with your customers.

At the moment Zikkio is totally free for all beta or non-live apps and services. If you want to start making live calls, our price is usually "per call" and can be adjusted based on your necessities. Contact Us .
Zikkio can be defined secure. We are focused on minimize the data we retain and for those strictly necessary data we save, we encrypt them using AES-256.
Absolutely. Platform's external connections via API or APP are usually visible in settings or installed appplications section so is always possible to disconnect Zikkio and this will trigger the deletion of all other data we have about that platform.


What They Say About Us

Vinz Luongo
Vincenz Luongo
Founder and CEO at ApiDrop
We have connected more than 15.000 merchants in 8 months.
Without loosing time developing our own solution we have been able to focus our resources on marketing and other critical areas.
Wayne Richards
Founder & CEO at eCommerce UK
Zikkio saved months of work.
With just a couple of lines of code our customers are able to connect their platform with no effort.